Volcano Hike


About the St. Kitts Hiking Tour

Get ready to experience the hike of a lifetime! The hike to Mt. Liamuiga Volcano is challenging, spectacular, and unforgettable. Mt. Liamuiga lies 3,792 ft. above sea level, making it the highest point in the entire Leeward Islands chain. The hiking trail winds through the rainforest, over, around, and through rock formations of various shapes and sizes, bypassing exposed tree roots as large as a man’s torso. On this St. Kitts volcano hiking tour, experience the melodious sounds of crickets, toads, green tree frogs, birds, and the chatter of monkeys warning each other of your presence. Listen to the moaning of the wind through the trees, and the soughing of the gentle breezes through the leaves. Experience an “aha” moment with this enchanting St. Kitts escape.

At the summit of the volcano, feast your eyes and senses on the mesmerizing view of the crater and verdant lowlands, with the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean stretching into the infinite horizon. On a clear day, one can see as many as four other islands in the distance. Simply awesome.

The St. Kitts hike includes rest stops for your rejuvenation. We also serve a light snack and refreshments. The tour is not complete until everyone is returned safely and timely to their ship or hotel.

Pick-up Instructions

We will contact you directly regarding transportation if you request pick up in the reservation form. If you are arriving via cruise ship, our tour starts one hour after your ship docks. However, we ask that you meet with us a half hour after your ship docks so that we can get all the administrative affairs out of the way first.

Please bring appropriate footwear.

Note: This hike can be mildly challenging. You should only attempt it if you believe that you are physically able to do it.


Marriott: Pickup Fee $40 (roundtrip)

Koi Resort: Pickup Fee $40 (roundtrip)


Royal St. Kitts: Pickup Fee $40 (roundtrip)


Ramada: Pickup Fee $80 (roundtrip)

Park Hyatt: Pickup Fee $80 (roundtrip)


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