1. Who do I look for when I arrive at the port?
    • You will look for our representatives at the Dock arrival Hall. they will be holding a sign saying “Island Paradise Tours. Welcome to St. Kitts”.
  2. What type of vehicles are used for your tours?
    • Island Paradise Tours have two air conditioned Coaster buses and three(3) small mini air conditioned buses that can hold up to 25 and 14 passengers respectfully.
  3. Will Rosevelt be our Tour Guide?
    • Rosevelt is not able to conduct all the tours by himself, especially during high season. However, we have other well trusted tour guides, who will conduct your tour if Rosevelt is unable to do so.
  4. Will we get back to our ship on time?
    • Yes you will get back to your ship on time, with plenty of time to spare. We have never had an issue where our guest has missed thier ship. We don’t intend to start either.
  5. Does your tour include bathroom breaks?
    • There are approximately 4 bathroom stops during our tour.
  6. Can you accommodate quest who are in a wheel chair?
    • Yes, we are ale to accommodate the physically challenged individuals. Once the person can be removed from the wheelchair to be placed into the van, there is no problem . Our tour representative will take special care of this person.
  7. What is the duration and cost of the Rosevelt Special?
    • Our tour is designed to last 3.5 hours sometimes goes between 3-4 hours. The cost of the tour is $50us per adult and half price for kids 12 years and under
  8. Will refreshments be provided?
    • Yes, we offer complimentary bottled water on our tours. During the tour our stops will have plenty of food outlets. Where you can grab a quick snack. We stop at Friars Bay Beach, where there is a nice restaurant you can sit back and relax and have a nice lunch.
  9. When does your tour begin?
    • Our tour starts one hour after your ship docks. However we ask that you meet with us a half hour after your ship docks so that we can get all the administrative affairs out of the way first.
  10. Are tours available during holidays?
    • Yes, our Tours are available all year round. They are available to cruise ship passengers and even those who are staying at hotels.
Tours with a Difference.

We provide a diverse array of tours, including, but not limited to, rainforest, volcano, sightseeing, beach and shopping tours. In addition, we offer meet and greet at the airport and to-and-from hotel transportation.

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