“Interesting and Informative”

Hi Rosevelt – Hope you enjoy the photos of our recent island tour with you last month when we stayed at the Marriott. It was a pleasure meeting you and spending time with you. Your tour was interesting and informative. Continued success and a happy and healthy new year.
-Sandy and Jerry, Delaware

“Extremely knowledgeable, kind and accommodating”

The Marriott time share was AWESOME. Very spacious, clean and well designed. We loved it! Also, if you want a great tour guide / taxi driver, please look up Roosevelt Taylor. He is extremely knowledgeable, kind and accommodating. He went out of his way to show us lots of island attractions that were off of the beaten path. You cannot go wrong with Roosevelt. Have fun!

“Excellent Tour you will not be disappointed”

Merlyn did a great job showing us the island. What never been mentioned in previous post. Merlyn did an excellent job on driving conservatively all while talking. I was never concerned about my safety. This makes for an enjoyable, relaxing time.
-Guest Mike M.

“Incredible Tour”

We were given this tour by Burt, who went above and beyond our expectations. He showed us everything listed on the tour description and so much more. His knowledge of history, horticulture and culture of this island was amazing. He was completely accommodating of our time schedule for the cruise ship and get us back with plenty of time. This tour was a fantastic value for our family and left us with a very memorable experience of this beautiful island.
-Guest from Poloman, Canada.

“Rosevelt Taylor’s Extreme Tour of St. Kitts”

We have been to the island several times and by far this is the best tour we have ever taken in the Caribbean. Rosevelt Taylor the owner of Island Paradise Tours was our quide. The tour was scheduled for 3.5 hours and he took the time to explain everything as we went along. When we were walking he was there to be sure we were taken care of and describe the items we were seeing. We spent about 4.5 hours with him. Saw monkeys, the fortress and Romney Manor. I would highly recommend this tour it was the best!

“An Unforgettable Experience”

We flew to St. Kitts from the US to be married. Although we planned to stay at a different property (more on that decision later), we were delighted to find ourselves at the Marriott St Kitts Royal Resort! The service, despite what others have said, was remarkable, as were the associates friendly and helpful. We did not have a single question or request that was unanswered; in fact, this was probably the best treatment that we have ever received at a Marriott (and I once worked for the company, so I truly know the “standard” of service; this went far beyond that!). We will definitely return!

We began our trip planning to stay “away from the normal places”; but, the “resort” that we chose was a disaster. Not only was it far from anything we wanted to do, but the owners and certain staff members were downright rude and condescending! In an effort to salvage our trip/honeymoon, we began -desperately- calling around to other resorts and hotels. One hotel gave us the name of a taxi driver to call in the event that we wanted to move that night. The taxi driver and the hotel turned out to be God-sent, we believe. The taxi driver was Roosevelt Taylor of St. Kitts Taxi or Roosevelt’s Tour and Taxi Service; and the hotel was Marriott (fitting, since that’s where my fiance and I met). We called Roosevelt the next morning, and asked him about all of the properties on our list, explaining in detail all of the things that we had to take care of for our wedding. He took us to several of the hotels, Marriott last.

From the first moment there, we knew that we had come to the right place. We were greeted by Ashmo, who gave us a tour of the property, including the suites near the beach. He then explained that they would be happy to help with any of the details we needed/wanted. Then he took us to the front desk where Vikiesh (sp?) and Devina arranged our room. Upon hearing the disaster of our current lodging situation, they sprang into action. As we are Marriott Rewards members, they were able to place us in a suite with separate areas for us to prepare on our wedding day; also, they upgraded us to one nearer the beach; however, at our request, they actually granted us the room we had just seen with Ashmo! Just before we left Ashmo offered to have a cake prepared for us for our post-ceremony celebration… What a wonderful introduction! There is more later.

Roosevelt waited through all of this. Then he took us around the capitol city of Basseterre to handle all of the necessary paperwork for the wedding; we did not have to worry at all! He knew where to go, who to talk to, and walked with us to each destination or office! Then he took us to meet the Minister at the Moravian church and waited while she did our pre-marital counseling session! Afterwards, he took us by Romney Manor so that we could get permission to have our photographer -Willett’s Photo- take our pictures there.

The next day, Roosevelt picked us up, took us back to the government office to get the final papers and on to the Marriott. He gave our luggage to Anthony Huggins, who waited while I met with Mr. Willett. My fiance went on to the spa for a treatment while Anthony helped me to the room. He offered to create a special, romantic atmosphere for us after the ceremony, as well. After that, I rushed to meet my fiance at the spa. Everyone there greeted us by name, congratulated us, and took excellent care of us. Diana did my hair; what a beautiful job she did! Too, she informed me of a great charter service for a snorkeling trip, VIP Charters. [We went out on a boat named “The Reel Thing”, captained by Tony; it was excellent! Very private, very nice, wonderful time; they knew exactly where to go!] Diana also did my hair the day of the wedding; she got it perfect! So nice, so talented, I couldn’t have asked for more!

On the day of our wedding, Lavern and Paulette from laundry steamed the tuxedo and the bridal gown; flawless and prompt. Gary’s Fruits and Flowers delivered our bouquets and boutonnieres directly to the room with help from the staff; beautiful! Tuneero came out to the room in a golf cart to pick up the groom and attendant; then returned 15 minutes later to pick up the bride and her attendant, so that neither had to walk to the main building in such heat wearing full wedding attire! Roosevelt, always the gentleman, picked each up separately -in a freshly cleaned, spotless taxi van- and drove us to the church. He even wore a suit and took extra photos for us! After the photos at Romney Manor, we were exhausted! Arriving back at the room, we found: Ashmo arranged for the cake; excellent. Anthony (with help from Valerie and Mover in housekeeping) did a wonderful job in the room: they set up a table with linen, silver and glasses; the cake, and champagne (from the front office!); and they sprinkled the room with flower petals; it was quite breath-taking! After some celebration, we and our friends dined on-site at La Cucina. The service and food were terrific.

By the time we left, we had enjoyed the beautiful beach that only the Marriott has to offer, as well as the pools. Too, we had received several spa treatments; the spa is so nice, and the people are just extremely friendly and attentive (Pearlina in the ladies area is truly charming). We had a wonderful time on The Reel Thing with Tony. We dined or drank (or had ice cream) at six of the hotels restaurants/clubs; all very nice. We had outstanding service from everyone at the property [a few names are Ashmo, Anthony Huggins, Vikiesh, Devina, Sharon at Calypso Cafe, Tuneero, Lavern and Paulette in laundry, Arbon and Caulton at bellstand, and Alberta at Pronto; but there are so many others, really everyone we encountered at the Marriott. Finally, we have to say again, how blessed and lucky we were to have Roosevelt Taylor as our tour guide, chauffeur, extra photographer, wedding planner, wedding guest, and friend. Without him and his friends at the Marriott, we would have been lost. He and the staff at the Marriott really made us feel at-home, but truly special. We look forward to a return trip soon. Thank you, Marriott; and thank you, Roosevelt. Together, you helped us to find friendship such a long way from home. That is what a truly great travel experience can bring…

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