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Interesting and Informative

"Hi Rosevelt – Hope you enjoy the photos of our recent island tour with you last month when we stayed at the Marriott. It was a pleasure meeting you and spending time with you. Your tour was interesting and informative. Continued success and a happy and healthy new year."

– Sandy and Jerry, Delaware
Extremely knowledgeable, kind and accommodating

"The Marriott time share was AWESOME. Very spacious, clean and well designed. We loved it! Also, if you want a great tour guide / taxi driver, please look up Roosevelt Taylor. He is extremely knowledgeable, kind and accommodating. He went out of his way to show us lots of island attractions that were off of the beaten path. You cannot go wrong with Roosevelt. Have fun!"

Excellent Tour you will not be disappointed

"Merlyn did a great job showing us the island. What never been mentioned in previous post. Merlyn did an excellent job on driving conservatively all while talking. I was never concerned about my safety. This makes for an enjoyable, relaxing time."

– Guest Mike M.
Incredible Tour

"We were given this tour by Burt, who went above and beyond our expectations. He showed us everything listed on the tour description and so much more. His knowledge of history, horticulture and culture of this island was amazing. He was completely accommodating of our time schedule for the cruise ship and get us back with plenty of time. This tour was a fantastic value for our family and left us with a very memorable experience of this beautiful island."

– Guest from Poloman, Canada.
Rosevelt Taylor’s Extreme Tour of St. Kitts

"We have been to the island several times and by far this is the best tour we have ever taken in the Caribbean. Rosevelt Taylor the owner of Island Paradise Tours was our guide. The tour was scheduled for 3.5 hours and he took the time to explain everything as we went along. When we were walking he was there to be sure we were taken care of and describe the items we were seeing. We spent about 4.5 hours with him. Saw monkeys, the fortress and Romney Manor. I would highly recommend this tour it was the best!"

An Unforgettable Experience

"We flew to St. Kitts from the US to be married. Although we planned to stay at a different property (more on that decision later), we were delighted to find ourselves at the Marriott St Kitts Royal Resort! The service, despite what others have said, was remarkable, as were the associates friendly and helpful. We did not have a single question or request that was unanswered; in fact, this was probably the best treatment that we have ever received at a Marriott (and I once worked for the company, so I truly know the “standard” of service; this went far beyond that!). We will definitely return!"