Rainforest Tour

4 Hours | Adults: $55, Children: $35


Come and discover the mysteries of the mountain Rain Forest of St. Kitts. Enjoy the richness of its seasonal fruits, palms, flowers, and other plant life, we may even see a few monkeys. Come, see nature at its very best as it unfolds before your very eyes.

The RAIN FOREST TOUR is nature at its very best. We meet and greet you at the Cruise Ship dock or your hotel then we give you a short tour of our capital city Basseterre, showing you the highlight of the town. We then head out westward along the Caribbean coast line passing through little villages on the way to the rain forest. 

First we go to Romney Manor which is nestle in the eve of the Rain Forest the home of Samuel Jefferson the great, great, great grand father of Thomas Jefferson the 3rd President of the United States. We then work our way down to Wingfield Estate Samuel Jefferson Plantation, the first in the British West Indies, you will visit the site where they once made sugar and rum in the sixteen and seventeen century. We take a short break for snack and refreshment, refreshments will be provided.


4 hours

To Bring

Appropriate footwear required.

Pickup Instructions

We will contact you directly regarding transportation if you request pick up in the reservation form. If you are arriving via cruise ship, our tour starts one hour after your ship docks. However, we ask that you meet with us a half hour after your ship docks so that we can get all the administrative affairs out of the way first.

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